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Why don' you just ask him what you two are?

Because I have the lovely luck of every time I do that I get shut down immediately and because I don’t want to put that pressure on him to make a decision like that. 

I also know that if wants to be in a relationship with me, he’ll straight up tell me or I’ll get drunk, call him, and cry a lot asking him what the fuck we are while he’s trying to get me to go to sleep. 

Mid Morning Rambles

So the roommate finally asked me a question last night that I wasn’t expecting.

"Are you and the man child actually dating?" 

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put your height in my askbox and i’ll reply if i’m shorter or taller than you

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I just don’t feel like working out today. 

I did don’t get me wrong, but I just wasn’t feeling it and Logan (my rock climbing instructor) could tell and just told me that it was probably because it was Saturday. 

I don’t want to drink at all tonight but I know the guys will pressure me into doing it anyway because I’m a puss. 

Clint also tried talking me out of going to Fujiyama’s, but I think it’s mainly because he doesn’t want me to disappear from the group since I’d be working a lot again. 

"I promise you that there is a guy out there that you are going to meet some day who doesn’t give a fuck what number you see when you step on a scale."

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